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Coleman Montana 8 Tent Review

What's the difference between the Montana 8 Tents?

If you want to find a tent that is spacious and comfortable for a family of four to six people, this Coleman Montana 8 Tent review shows it is a strong contender. This popular tent has a great deal to…

Elite Montana 8 Tent Review

Elite Montana 8 Tent Best Review

The sturdy modified dome construction and the layout of The Elite® Montana™ 8 Tent makes it an ideal choice for an extended stay with the kids. The tent is spacious and comfortable, and the layout is long and narrow, rather…

What Kind of Camping do You Like?

What Kind of Camping do You Like?

It’s amazing how much the kind of camping you like can affect your choice of tent, and identifying what your kind of camping is will help to find the best shelter or tent to fit with your style. I wonder,…