What The Heck Do Those Camping Words and Terms Mean?

Camping Words and TermsYou’re reading up on the bits and pieces you might need to have a super adventure in a National Park and then – there’s that word again – you think you get the gist of it but, wait a minute, what exactly is a ‘dilly bushwrap’ anyway?

Don’t worry. I made that one up. There’s no such thing as a ‘dilly bushwrap’, though it has a nice ring to it – perhaps we can come up with something it can be 😉

The point is, sometimes you wish you could just get a quick answer to that question, and I am making something that will help, so do read on…

The Things Campers Do

It’s not long since I started this website, and wow! – I hadn’t quite realized what a big subject it is. Ok, I have some experience and I just love camping myself. That’s why I wanted to write about it, but there are amazing places and activities to do with camping that I hadn’t even heard of!

Well nobody does everything do they?

The Stuff Campers Carry

Then there’s the equipment – a minefield of technical, colloquial, and slang words. How are you supposed to wade your way through that lot?

There’s a gizmo made of this stuff and another made of something else; one person thinks this one’s best and another swears by that one. It always depends on one circumstance or another but it would be helpful if I knew what the gizmo was for – let alone what the material it’s made of is.

A Simple Solution – Ongoing

I love finding things out, researching things. I like to think I can learn something new every day, and I’m lucky enough to find that’s true.

Although I like to write about the things I already know about, I look things up and find out all I can about a subject before make an article. I always find a snippet here or a gem of a tip there that I haven’t heard before, and yes, a word or a term that I wonder about.

So I decided to make a sort of definition page, or Glossary and I have just started it. I just add words to it as they occur to me or as I come across them.

Inspired to Write

Sometimes a word inspires a whole little article of its own, and I have a few ideas already. When that happens I can link them through the page too.

I did think I would have to wait ’til it was complete, but then it would never happen, so here it is in its infancy. It’s in the form of a table and can be sorted alphabetically or you can search for words, or even parts of a word.

You can click on Camping Words and Terms from here or use the Top menu – DEFINITIONS.

You can reach Definitions through the top menu from any page you’re reading, and it will open in a new window or tab.

You Can Make Suggestions

You might be reading something and suddenly you think “It’s about Camping but What the heck does that mean?” Think of my definitions page!

And if you find a word you want me to define or you have some favourite sayings of your own don’t hesitate to let me know via the comment box below.