Why Camping Annie Will Help You Get The Most Out of Your Camping Trips

Whether you are new to camping or need to update your tents & equipment, finding relevent advice and information can be a daunting task. Camping Annie can help!

About Annie

Hi, I’m Annie. Ever since I was a kid, I have always loved going camping at every opportunity. It started with the family trips in the holidays. My Grandmother was a great organiser and ruled us all with an iron hand. Her organising skills and attention to detail ensured that we always had everything we needed to have fun, keep warm and eat well, so we didn’t mind her bossy ways. Once we were packed up and on our way, the boss relaxed and all was well.

There was less equipment available then, but my Grandfather used to say “Anyone who suffers more than necessary while camping is a fool!” This meant that he found the most comfortable camp beds, the lightest camp chairs, the most weatherproof tent he could, that his pocket would allow, of course.

This early example and training stood me in good stead when I took up backpacking in my teens. Later, camping with my own family, meeting other campers and pooling information, my skills were honed.

Finding Information can be Hard…

Sometimes, finding the right tent or equipment for your type of camping can be tiring and confusing. There is so much available and if you have to go to lots of different websites to get information, read tent reviews and make comparisons, it can be a nightmare.

While looking at tents, you might come across accessories, recipes, first aid tips and wish you could keep track of the information you find. I have done a ton of this kind of research. I wanted to find all the information I need in one place and the idea for this website was born.

Building a Solution

Now I am building this website to bring the information together with detailed tent reviews. I will add advice and tips about tents, camping and equipment and I will research products so others can make informed decisions.

I hope you find this site becomes a one-stop destination for the information you need on the subject.

Camping Annie