Earthquake Sadness and Camping in the Philippines

Our Hearts Go Out to the People of the Philippines

Earthquake Sympathy and Camping in the Philippines

Phillipines Blue Monday by Heino

Powerful Earthquake Strikes Philippines, a Day After a Quake Near Manila

“The latest earthquake was centered in Samar, an island in the central eastern part of the country.”

A visitor to this island country must instantly fall in love with it, and many people who do so end up living there. They are captivated by the beauty of the islands and the friendliness of the people.

Blessed with such a variety of landscape from white sandy beaches, jungles and cliffs I wonder who could find it lacking. For those who love to visit a vibrant city, Manila is a fun destination with plenty to do and see.

For us campers there are campsites of every style and situation, and there are plenty of beautiful spots to pitch up, make camp and explore. Camping in forests is the usual choice but there are beaches and mountains too.

You can be surrounded by people and have a great night life having taken good exercise and fresh air, and if you prefer, you can surrender to nature on remote mountain tracks, where you hardly see a soul. From Glamping to Extreme camping, you are covered when you go to these islands.

English is the second language among many so it’s easy to communicate for your needs and to enjoy the local produce.

A visitor is spoilt for choice and is likely to return time and time again, if they can afford a ticket to travel there. A first visit is often a kind of ‘Let’s see what there is’ trip and don’t be surprised if you make friends with locals who can recommend places for your next visit! A bit of planning and searching on the internet for your favorite camping style will help you decide on your first destination.

With such brief coverage afforded to this quake, we want to express our sympathy to those who are affected.

Here is a list of campsites to get you started because the best support is to keep going camping and hiking in the Phlippines!

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And Don’t forget your tent, will you…


Photo by Heino