What The Heck Do Those Camping Words and Terms Mean?

Camping Words and TermsYou’re reading up on the bits and pieces you might need to have a super adventure in a National Park and then – there’s that word again – you think you get the gist of it but, wait a minute, what exactly is a ‘dilly bushwrap’ anyway?

Don’t worry. I made that one up. There’s no such thing as a ‘dilly bushwrap’, though it has a nice ring to it – perhaps we can come up with something it can be 😉

The point is, sometimes you wish you could just get a quick answer to that question, and I am making something that will help, so do read on…

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What Kind of Camping do You Like?

What Kind of Camping do You Like? It’s amazing how much the kind of camping you like can affect your choice of tent, and identifying what your kind of camping is will help to find the best shelter or tent to fit with your style.

I wonder, what’s the first image that jumps into your head when ‘camping’ is mentioned? Is it sitting around a campfire singing songs, tramping around on the side of a mountain – or do you think of touring for miles in a camper van?

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What to Ask Yourself Before You Buy a Tent

Before Buying a Tent

ask before you buyIf you want to know the main points to look out for before you buy a tent, then you’ll find this article helpful. Here we’ll discuss the size of the tent, the seasons you want to go camping, the style of camping you want to do and how to identify value for money. After reading this article, you should be able to narrow down the type of tent you need and what features are important to you.

This is the first step to help you find the right kind of tent for your purpose and choose the best buy.

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Coleman Hooligan 3 Tent Review

Coleman-Hooligan-3-Tent1 Are you looking for a 3 person tent that has somewhere to put your gear? This tough little tent could be the answer, although it has some quirky features you need to look at before deciding to buy.

Opinion is divided on this one and I think you will have to make up your mind by thinking about what is most important to you when you go camping.

Let’s have a good look at the advantages and disadvantages of this tent and see how they affect your decision depending on your style.

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Wenzel Alpine 8.5 X 8-Feet Dome Tent Review

Wenzel Alpine three-person dome tentI was looking for a tent to go camping with my teenage son for long weekends and this one caught my eye. I wanted to know how it would stand up to a lot of moving about as well as the kind of weather it would withstand. There are many different qualities people look for in a tent, so if you are thinking of buying, there is more you should know before making a decision.

We examine each of the important points, look at some minor side issues and see how they measure up in this detailed review.

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